Does Allen Iverson Have Clean Carpets?

Was Allen Iverson the greatest Hoya of all time? The boy could hoop. Not only was he the number one recruit out of high school, he was FEARLESS. Watching him play at Georgetown was simply amazing. I could only imagine how he was in bible study class. By the time he made it to the pro’s Allen Iverson was definately destined for greatness. He Ended up winning a couple of scoring titles, and MVP or 2….and made it to a couple of NBA Finals with a bad team.

I could only imagine how nice his home was. Not to mention the flooring in that house. I bet he had some of the softest, cleanest carpets around you an actually CLICK HERE for the company he used to use.The legend says that he had a favorite carpet cleaning company out there. In fact I feel like he had one time in an interview mentioned which carpet cleaner he used. It was the same interview that he was talking about PRACTICE.

I¬†wonder if he stayed out of the dog fighting game unlike Michael Vick. That was really an unfortunate situation. Regardless of whether he did or not, I feel like he probably was not the best human being ever. He most likely committed several crimes. However do we really care? I certainly dont…the man could ball…and that is all that matters to me. He would attack the big men in the middle of the lane like a great white shark. If he wasnt the best husband in the mean time…is that really that big of a deal? Probably…but the only reason that I am even talking about him is because Georgetown Basketball is the BOMB.

carpet cleaning Eugene --Iverson


Anyway Allen Iverson I believe finished up his career in Turkey or something…maybe china? Who knows…kind of a sad story for the one time GREAT. He will no doubt be a hall of famer in my book. I still remember when Jordan tried to D him up when he was a rookie, and Iverson made MJ look silly. Not to many times in his career did MJ look silly either.